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April 11, 2020 5:38 pm  #1

63 Galaxie 500XL questions

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here (health issues, but OK now), I'm back to working on the 63 Galaxie, I've got 3 questions, if anyone has the time and have any answers/suggestions.  

It's a Z code, so it was originally a 390/Cruise-O-Matic 500 XL, now it's a 406 tri-power clone, even tho' Ford didn't make a 406/auto/XL that I'm aware of, it now has a C6.

1) The C6 was in the car when I purchased it.  XL, so it's a console shifter.  The arm on the shifter and the rod to tranny is a cobbled up mess!  Not having seen the original rod, I'm having a mental block on the correct length(s) needed for the arm length below the shifter pivot point, the rod from shifter arm to tranny, and arm length on tranny gear selector.  So far, just doing trial and error, I'm having trouble getting the geometry correct for the C6 detents to match the console shifter detents.  Any suggestions? 

2) The passenger front fender spear is pretty bad, I've purchased a nice one to replace it.  I'm looking at the nuts on the spear clips, it looks the the rear most clip, right in front of the front edge of the door, is a bear to get to!?!  What's the easiest way to get to it?  Remove fender?  Remove inner fender?  Remove hood & hinges to try to get to it?  I'm almost 68 yrs, not as limber, or as strong as I used to be, looking for the easiest way for me to get to it.

3)  Rear axle bumper(s) frame mounted both sides, pointing down to top of axle tubes.  One is missing, one is mangled, but enough for me to see what one was shaped like.  I can't seem to find one Google'ing.  Looked at Dennis Carpenter, Obsolete Classic Parts in OKC, Dearborn Classics, etc.
Dearborn Classics has one listed (#90-39236-1) with a pic that looks like it could work, but it's only listed for a 66 & 67 Galaxie, and other Ford/Mercury's, but not a 63 Galaxie.  I can call them Monday to compare dimensions, but I thought someone here might know of a source.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice!
Take care!!



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