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June 5, 2019 1:07 pm  #1


My fingers are bent typing on this laptop, trying to find things.. 
   I've been on a merry go round all morning..
Looking for a pair of  mono tube shocks for my
1962.  Ford country sedan...
I've checked with KYB,,, they say they have them, but don't list them.
 Monroe does not show a mono tube rear shock,,,
C&G says they have them from Mono,,, 
  Anyone have part number for rear shocks... mono tube.. 


June 10, 2019 11:40 am  #2

Re: Shocks

Got my KYB shocks at NAPA for my 61. Yours should be same ones. NAPA part number for front 94002. Rear are 343136


June 25, 2019 6:55 pm  #3

Re: Shocks

Thanks Dan
I'll check it out

     Thread Starter

July 4, 2019 11:44 am  #4

Re: Shocks

Any luck with those part numbers?


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