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June 5, 2014 2:44 am  #1

cruise o matic to C6 conversion info...

Just changed my 63 1/2 galaxie 390 from cruise o matic to c6. a c6 from a 76 f150 ranger 360motor.. out of the junk yard.  Made sure to grab the flexplate, torque converter, transmisison mount, fill tube and dipstick, cut the speedo cable and kept the gear.  Looks like the flexplate and torque converter will interchange, speedo gear is different...just unclip and switch.  Ordered a new starter motor, input seal, filter and gasket kit.  The car's old coffee can starter won't fit the C6.  I Cut 2 pieces  3x10 inch 3/16 plate metal and drilled holes to use as adapter plate between the crossmember and frame. this done to move the crossmember. It will end up 3 inches further back on the car. I put the C6 transmission mount (this is the short piece in between the tailhousing and the cross member) on the car's cross member. Truck's cross member would not fit with the exhaust pipes in the way.  The transmission mount bolts won't fit well going up thru the bottom holes of the cross member but you can wiggle them in thru the sides and start w/box wrench then finish tightning w/ratchet swivel socket. Used the yoke from the galaxie to go into the tailhousing and fit well.  The C6 is about an inch shorter than the Cruise-O but the yoke has that covered. no need to cut drive shaft.  trans cooler lines lined up well and are same size. Dip sticks and fill tubes are NOT interchangeable.  The cruise o  threads on and the C6 you just shove in..has a O ring to hold in place. They are in diff locations too. Looks like the thin plate..flexplate cover and dust cover interchange. Had to disassemble parking brake cable and linkage where it goes thru the cross member. I shortened the cable now that the cross member is back farther. I used cable clamps to shorten the cable.  Will report back with any other problems. 

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June 5, 2014 6:20 am  #2

Re: cruise o matic to C6 conversion info...

just curious why you chose a C 6 to replace the C 4 ? 


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June 5, 2014 7:30 am  #3

Re: cruise o matic to C6 conversion info...

Thanks for all the info.  I love all the detail.  my only comment is TPNP  (This Post Needs Pictures)


June 5, 2014 5:02 pm  #4

Re: cruise o matic to C6 conversion info...

sorry for no pics..but busy wrenching...

Correction: use the original speedo gear if you can otherwise the speedometer will be off since the transmissons and rears are geared differently.  Also the rear cooler line did not line up like the cruise o matic but I was able to take a wrench and bend it to fit.  The shift linkage will need some work.  I am going back to the junkyard to look for the linkage from the C6.  The COM shiftter on the side of the trans housing basically moves front to rear and the C6 moves from front high to low more diagonally downward.  It has a slotted shift linkage that fits in a squared bolt.  The COM does not. 

UH.. is a cruise o matic the same as a C4?? Anyway to answer  ...I have built up my 390 a little so the C6 has lots of torque to handle and I felt like it was the most bang for my buck.

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June 5, 2014 5:13 pm  #5

Re: cruise o matic to C6 conversion info...

A few more notes worth mentioning...for you newbies  the torque converter needs to be turned and pushed in 3x to get it all the way in...or else you will be wrestling with the transmission and won't be able to figure out why you can't get it to bolt up. Also if you do manage to  bolt it up with the torque converter not completely seated your WILL destroy your pump bushing when you go to start!!  Also on the torque converter  ...make sure you line up the square plug with the larger hole (next to the small hole the stud goes thru) in the flexplate when you go to push your studs thru the flywheel.  15/16 socket turns the 390 crank around the get to the other torque converter studs into view. Have at least two friends and some pry bars and a transmission jack to help with getting it lined up a in.

Good luck.

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June 5, 2014 8:56 pm  #6

Re: cruise o matic to C6 conversion info...

g-man wrote:

"........UH.. is a cruise o matic the same as a C4?? Anyway to answer  ...I have built up my 390 a little so the C6 has lots of torque to handle and I felt like it was the most bang for my buck.

 The probelm with using just "cruise o matic" to ID your transmission, is that Ford used that name to refer to several completely different transmissions. And I didn't read your post close enough to rellize you were not talking about a C4. My bad.

CRUISE-O-MATIC is a marketing term. It was used from 1958 until the early seventies(?).

What people regard as a CRUISE-O-MATIC is actually the cast iron case FX, MX and HX. However,  first production years of the C4 and C6 were also referred to as CRUSIE-O-MATICS by Ford. This term began being phased out with the advent of SELECT-SHIFT in 66/67.

The C4, although not used by Ford for the FE series afaik, is still a favorite with drag racers due to its durability and light weight . I think there are aftermarket bell housings that will let you use it with the FE's.

I was curious why you chose a C6 because they are well known gas hogs and horsepower black holes. They do switch out relatively easy though as you have found out.  Since you bought it for a great price, it might turn out to be  the most "bang for the buck" as you say, especially if you do not drive it so much that that the lower gas milage is an issue,  

An FYI to others comtemplating a swaping one automatic transmission for another automatic tranmission:  Most people going to the trouble of a transmission swap are tending to gravitate to the AOD, Be .sure to do plenty of research so you end up with the best choise for your specific application


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June 6, 2014 4:08 pm  #7

Re: cruise o matic to C6 conversion info...

I believe the C6 was covered under the Cruise-O-Matic banner, basically every Ford auto trans was a Cruise-O-Matic at one time or other. As zray says, it was a marketing term, not a model, or part name. An old JY trans behind a fresh, warmed up engine is always a little risky no matter what trans it is. It may be easier to get stronger parts for the C6 over the M, F, HX, however.

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June 7, 2014 2:41 am  #8

Re: cruise o matic to C6 conversion info...

My transmission  was a MX judging by the pan shape and bolted on aluminum bell housing. I still lost about 50 lbs and feel like the C6 is more durable than the MX.   I'll drive it to shows and cruise-ins.  It's all about smiles per mile not miles per gallon so not too worried about mpg. I was able to get it to go into drive and reverse.  Everything now working but have to modify shift linkage. 

The vacuum modulator is on the opposite side so i ran the line up the passenger side of the trans.  Will have to get a rubber vacuum line and run it over the bell housing to connect. Also the shift linkage from the truck pushed at a downward angle from the right side of steering column and connects straight to the trans.  The galaxie linkage starts on the left side of the steering column goes down, over, and hinges on the block and then horizontally back to the trans.  Seems to me the throw on the shifter on the side of the c6 goes down and back, but the MX moves more horizontally.  So if the shift angle is to different the linkage may bind before I can get it to move to the low gears.  I will report back on this. I may try and run the trucks linkage straight down to the c6 from the steering column.

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June 9, 2014 2:10 pm  #9

Re: cruise o matic to C6 conversion info...

You've got some fab time ahead, getting the linkage working. I remember seeing something, I think on another forum, of a guy who fabbed a swap linkage for his car. It may have been on Ford Muscle.

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June 10, 2014 3:26 pm  #10

Re: cruise o matic to C6 conversion info...
Here is a pic of the adapter plate for the cross member.

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