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August 9, 2020 8:02 am  #1

1963.5 fastback

I have a Rangoon red fastback, q code, 4 speed. car was built in first part of 63 in dallas plant, I am looking for anyone whom may be left or has/had a family member who worked there. I have found numerous grease pen markings on the frame, firewall, interior panels. I can send pics of what I uncovered but not smart enough to post. found HP and HP55 ON drivers side frame rails, assume meant 427, the 55 possibly references the 4 speed and 3:00 to 1 rear end on door tag. the firewall has 66Q and the serial number and to rt of mastercylinder is last 5 digits of serial numbet over a big J, the paint color. the rear sear panel has 77x in center where top of seat goes. anybody experience this? Thanks in ADVANCE, MONTIE


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