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September 23, 2013 4:33 am  #51

Re: Member Intro

Here's what I have so far. Non body off mild restoration. Frame and firewall painted, now planning to set engine and trans back in. Rebuilding the power steering and front suspension after that. Luckily, I'm at the point where I'm bolting parts back on - instead of creating more work and sub-projects. At least for now, until I get to the rear. Need rear springs, then I'll check the fuel tank for any issues. It's taking me way too long to get this far.


October 1, 2013 1:05 pm  #52

Re: Member Intro

Newb here,

  Hi all, I have a `66 Mercury Montclair 2dr hardtop. Owned it for 15 years now but haven't done much to it. The 390 is mostly stock, and I want to get some more HP out of it. I have a 4 barrel carb and aluminum intake ready to put in, but not sure of which cam I should get. Also, I want to get some headers(Sanderson headers look nice and seem to be good quality) Does anybody have input on a good cam for more HP? Thanks in advance. 


October 6, 2013 8:08 pm  #53

Re: Member Intro

Hi, I recently purchased a '67 LTD. It's been sitting since '04 but is currently up and running. It's a 390/C6 "Thunderbird Special" 2 door hard top. Completely original, not much has been touched. I can't leave anything stock so I have already begun to collect parts for a disc brake conversion....and that's where I'm stuck. I'll start a thread about that later though. In addition to the '67 I have an '05 Mustang GT that has has numerous bolt-ons. Looking forward to learning from you guys and sharing my progress.



October 9, 2013 2:40 am  #54

Re: Member Intro

Hello. I'm John Hammer. Just finished a '66 Stang resto/mod. Next is a '67 Galaxie coupe.


November 19, 2013 8:52 pm  #55

Re: Member Intro

welcome to the forum!!  lets see some pix and here more about both cars!!


December 24, 2013 7:12 am  #56

Re: Member Intro

Hello fellow Galaxie enthusiast.  I've been working on my 63.5  galaxie 500 for about a year now.  It's got a z code 390.  I  rebuilt to .30 over mild comp cam, sanderson headers,  holley 4 barrel,  edelbrock performer rpm its mildly hot rodded.  Still working on body and interior.  I understand I have to make a few posts before I can submit pics.  So to come.


December 24, 2013 7:20 am  #57

Re: Member Intro

Lets try some pics... dragging it out of the woods...


December 24, 2013 7:25 am  #58

Re: Member Intro

and some more recent...


January 15, 2014 5:39 am  #59

Re: Member Intro


I'm Kevin and I have a Galaxie addiction heh. I'm in the process of purchasing a 1968 Ford Galaxie XL fastback. This one is a 390 with the factory buckets, 4spd, with the tach still present and operational. I'm excited to make a deal soon and have another 68 again. I look forward to reading the posts and all the tricks to use.


January 16, 2014 7:33 pm  #60

Re: Member Intro

welcome to the forum!!


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