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November 9, 2021 7:27 am  #1

Power steering

Has anyone done an Electric power steering conversion on a 60 -64 Galaxie?
My 62 wagon is manual steering, I can drive it, but the electric power conversion would be interesting.
   I have done a few project that used wreaking yard parts,  R470w behind my "351c"
changed over to a 130amp alternator again wreaking yard..
  Did a  F150 disc break conversion on my 56 Packard... 79 150..
might consider doing an electric steering ot the Packard...


November 15, 2021 3:00 pm  #2

Re: Power steering

I have an eps unit out of a Preis that I am going to put in My mustang.  Should be doable on the Galaxie but based on the research I have done R&P is not required but highly recommended for an EPS swap


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