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August 3, 2021 5:29 am  #1

62 Galaxy shop manual

 This is an update on my 62 Country Sedan
   A new aquiantice of mine is a welder by trade and has assisted me in the installation of a floor pan in the
wagon. along with some sheet metal fabrication..
   One thing is that I learned a little about welding and can do some good welds... and fabrication.
Damn if he even discovered how the "third" seat works, Which in truth is not a seat at all but
two foam pads that you have to install, each time you want to use it.. !!!!!!
  If anyone has a 62 especially if you live in Ca  let me know

   So my computer decided to delete my  62 Galaxy shop manual, I had downloaded it  in PDF format around 4 years ago.
I remember emailing a copy to a member or posting the website to download it.
    Do any of you have the 62 shop manual.. yes I can buy them all over the net for $10 - 55,
I'm just damn cheap. My download was legal. the manual was in public domain.
If you have a PDF file, I could use a copy.
PS: Does anyone here even have a 62 Country Sedan, with a third seat?

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