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June 20, 2021 7:44 pm  #1

FS: '61 Starliner / Galaxie show-polished chrome


Due to a Starliner restoration being cancelled, I will be selling off a lot of parts that I have for that project.
I have the;
1- right and left tail-fin moldings         --------)    All of these moldings were professionally polished,
                                                                          at  Advanced Plating, Nashville, TN.   BEAUTIFUL WORKMANSHIP 2- right and left lower door moldings           )
3- right and left lower 1/4 panel moldings   )
4- right and left front of fender moldings     )
5- right and left headlite bezels         --------)  
I have several hood moldings, center grille moldings, radiator surge tanks, grilles, etc... that have not been polished yet but are mostly in very nice condition.... some better than others. There is a lot more parts but I will not flood the ad listing more today.
I also have 4 '61 Starliner project cars, a '61 2 dr sedan and a '61 Galaxie 500 (with factory air) projects that are going to be put up for sale and several '62 Galaxie and Galaxie 500's (mostly Z, M and G code car) projects.
Call or email if you have any questions.... please NO texts... I don't do texts!!...8 six 5-two 5 0- nine 9 0 nine
Thanks, Rick...I can ship moldings in PVC tubing if requested. Located in the Knoxville, TN 37737

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