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May 28, 2020 5:19 pm  #1

FOR SALE: '60 thru '64 Starliners, Galaxie's and convertible

Mother Nature has finally caught up with me after 63 years of playing with my Fords..... it is now time to sell off while I can.
I have a:
SOLD-----'60 Starliner parts car
'61 Starliner, 390/auto/pwr/strg, pwr/brkes
Car has sat for over 35 years inside, seats are there, little body work
'61 Starliner, bare body only but I do have frame, rear end, front end and lots of parts to build
'61 Starliner, needs frame off to build it right. Needs lwr 1/4 sections, probably some floor work, etc.  No engine but it does have the 3 speed trans still in it. It is a rolling project
'61 Fairlane, 2 dr. sedan, Y-block, body in good condition
SALE PENDING -----'61 Galaxie, 2 dr. hardtop, no engine/trans, has FACTORY AIR COND except compressor/brackets are missing. A really good car to build.
'62 Galaxie 500, 2 dr. sedan, M code engine, no engine or trans. good car to build
'62 Galaxie 500, 2 dr. sedan, B code, black/red int, no eng/trans
'62 Sunliner FRAME,  it has been steam cleaned, sandblasted then powder coated in semi-gloss black, than ALL front and rear suspension/brakes rebuilt with NOS Moog parts. I stopped right before I installed a Borgenson box on it. It is on rolling tires/wheels..
If you have any serious interest in any of the above or are looking for a healthy FE engine, just holler and I will get you more info and price. I really don't want to sell off just a little molding, etc.. right now......let me know if you need something and I will put it on my list.
Thanks for the Forum space,
Knoxville, TN. area

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