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August 19, 2019 8:20 am  #11

Re: 62 Galexy

Sanddoc wrote:

sounds good..
    won't the double sided tap make the molding stand off the body?  

The stuff I have is really thin so it shouldn't be an issue, and then with it being foam it will compress wen the stainless gets fastened. 


August 21, 2019 7:32 am  #12

Re: 62 Galexy


   I hate to say, NIETHER....  My wagon is not drivable right now, and it blocks the Packard
although the Packard  is getting a new wiring and still needs a New Master\Booster... I changed her
over to Front disc..

 Great show, seems the El Segundo chamber of commerce is going to take it over again. They dropped
it one year and the PD sponsored it... A buddy of mine came along, and was in Heaven, he's MoPar guy,
and a VW guy... 
    just came in for a cup of coffee and check out the  Galaxy service manual. I have on the computer
was lapping in new valves for my 74 318 dart...
  BTW. my buddy is going to put his 74 Super Beetle in the show next year, think I'll put one of mine cars
in... His is a "Love" bug.   54 on the side... he spends tons of money on the engine... it's a constant up grade
with cabs, linkage, jets,  and I keep telling him, when you going to do the interior. Only has one seat
worn out everything...

Got the column shift worked out... 


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