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July 24, 2019 5:54 pm  #1

Looking for idler arm retaining nuts for 1965-68 Galaxie/Full size


I am looking for a pair of retainer nuts that "clip" onto the frame where the idler arm bolts in.  There are holes in the frame where you slide the these retainer nuts through an access hole.  Then you move them into place so that the clip side is "clipped" onto the frame at the access hole, and the nut sits in the bolt hole.  Then you can bolt the idler arm onto the frame.  

If anyone on the board has access to a 1965-68 Galaxie/full size or 1967-69 Thunderbird (these retainer nuts are shared on both cars) ... or knows someone with either who might be able to spare them, I’d be GRATEFUL!! 

Thank you, 




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