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Classifieds » FS; '61 Ford Starliner » September 12, 2021 3:26 am

STARLINER SOLD...   Thanks, Forum

I have a '61 Starliner that has been in inside storage for over 35 years. It has a 390, 4V engine, 3 spd Cruise-O trans and pwr/brakes...has not been started in many years. Has original yellow/white paint and all interior is in car. The only damage I know of on car is a small rust place in the trunk and a dent in the left side will need a windshield (busted) and a rear glass (someone stuck a '60 Starliner glass in the rear). I have the correct moldings and may be able to come up with the glass BUT... that is not included in the price of the car. Good TN title and car does roll. $5800.00 cash or cashiers check only, no trades. May be able to help on delivery if going North or West.
Thanks, Rick

Classifieds » FS: '61 Starliner / Galaxie show-polished chrome » June 20, 2021 7:44 pm


Due to a Starliner restoration being cancelled, I will be selling off a lot of parts that I have for that project.
I have the;
1- right and left tail-fin moldings         --------)    All of these moldings were professionally polished,
                                                                          at  Advanced Plating, Nashville, TN.   BEAUTIFUL WORKMANSHIP 2- right and left lower door moldings           )
3- right and left lower 1/4 panel moldings   )
4- right and left front of fender moldings     )
5- right and left headlite bezels         --------)  
I have several hood moldings, center grille moldings, radiator surge tanks, grilles, etc... that have not been polished yet but are mostly in very nice condition.... some better than others. There is a lot more parts but I will not flood the ad listing more today.
I also have 4 '61 Starliner project cars, a '61 2 dr sedan and a '61 Galaxie 500 (with factory air) projects that are going to be put up for sale and several '62 Galaxie and Galaxie 500's (mostly Z, M and G code car) projects.
Call or email if you have any questions.... please NO texts... I don't do texts!!...8 six 5-two 5 0- nine 9 0 nine
Thanks, Rick...I can ship moldings in PVC tubing if requested. Located in the Knoxville, TN 37737

Classifieds » Parting a '60 and a '61 Starliner.. '60 Starliner parts car SOLD..... » July 16, 2020 1:19 pm

Will post pic of '61 later.

The '60 Starliner has been SOLD.

Parting out a '60 and '61 Starliner. Both have good titles.. the '61 is a feasible builder while the '60 is really only a parts car. The '60 has a 352 /COM while the '61 only has the original 3 speed still in it. Lots of good parts and glass. Let me know if I can help. Thanks, Rick
Located in the Knoxville, TN area.

Classifieds » FOR SALE: '60 thru '64 Starliners, Galaxie's and convertible » May 28, 2020 5:19 pm

Mother Nature has finally caught up with me after 63 years of playing with my Fords..... it is now time to sell off while I can.
I have a:
SOLD-----'60 Starliner parts car
'61 Starliner, 390/auto/pwr/strg, pwr/brkes
Car has sat for over 35 years inside, seats are there, little body work
'61 Starliner, bare body only but I do have frame, rear end, front end and lots of parts to build
'61 Starliner, needs frame off to build it right. Needs lwr 1/4 sections, probably some floor work, etc.  No engine but it does have the 3 speed trans still in it. It is a rolling project
'61 Fairlane, 2 dr. sedan, Y-block, body in good condition
SALE PENDING -----'61 Galaxie, 2 dr. hardtop, no engine/trans, has FACTORY AIR COND except compressor/brackets are missing. A really good car to build.
'62 Galaxie 500, 2 dr. sedan, M code engine, no engine or trans. good car to build
'62 Galaxie 500, 2 dr. sedan, B code, black/red int, no eng/trans
'62 Sunliner FRAME,  it has been steam cleaned, sandblasted then powder coated in semi-gloss black, than ALL front and rear suspension/brakes rebuilt with NOS Moog parts. I stopped right before I installed a Borgenson box on it. It is on rolling tires/wheels..
If you have any serious interest in any of the above or are looking for a healthy FE engine, just holler and I will get you more info and price. I really don't want to sell off just a little molding, etc.. right now......let me know if you need something and I will put it on my list.
Thanks for the Forum space,
Knoxville, TN. area

Full-size Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars » Show Me Your Ride(s) » April 1, 2020 2:51 am

I bought this '60 Starliner in a package deal of 7 amazed at the original condition of this car. Has been in storage about 30 years and the floors, etc... look showroom fresh. It is a 352, auto & pwr/strg. Was on list to do a frame-off but potential buyer passed away. Rick

Classifieds » WTD; '62 thru '64 bench seat Galaxie 4 speed shifter » March 21, 2020 10:16 pm

I have a friend looking for a factory '62 / '64 4 speed shifter complete if he can find one. It will be used in his '62 Galaxie 406 street car so he would like for it to look close to original. Thanks for any help, Rick.

Classifieds » 1960 Starliner back glass » February 18, 2020 10:14 pm

Price drop---- rear glass- $200.00.

I have a very nice back glass for a '60 Starliner ONLY. Will not fit a '61 Starliner. $200.00.
 Can ship in a professional glass box via bus, UPS, FedEx or Fastenal if needed. If  you are between Knoxville, TN and the Michigan UP then I might be able to meet you and save all shipping.
Thanks, Rick

Full-size Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars » 1961 Fairlane 500 Restoration » April 7, 2019 9:42 pm

Not sure where you live but I am in eastern part of TN (Knoxville area), the machine shop that I have used for about 15 years is in Pigeon Forge (home of a lot of hot rod &  car shows, etc) and the average Y-block re-build runs about $2500 to $3000... that is total cost which includes machine shop cost, parts and labor cost for building.. That assumes an engine is sent to be re-built... not for a new build where everything has to be supplied.
I built 22 T-Bird 312 engines in a row several years ago for a local T-Bird club and the average out-the-door price was just a little over $3500 each but most of the engines had new BT 4V manifolds, new Holley carbs & new MSD ignitions.
I know prices vary depending on locale but that seems to be on the high side. Rick

Classifieds » Wanted; '61 or '62 Galaxie front clip or individual pieces » November 28, 2018 6:10 pm

I would like to find a complete front clip for a '61 Fairlane / Galaxie / Starliner or a '62 Galaxie / Sunliner but would be interested in both front fenders, hood & hinges, inner aprons, radiator support, grille and front bumper with braces. I need everything forward of the firewall. Could really use 2 front clips if I could find them.
Also looking for '61 Starliner rt/lt doors, complete dash, rear glass, rear bumper complete and any moldings, etc.
No shipping ........ I will pick up the parts. Located in the Knoxville, TN area.
Thanks for any help,

Classifieds » WTB: Rt and Lt spindles from a '65 thru '68 Galaxie drum brake vehicle » June 22, 2018 10:55 am

George, received the spindles....... thanks for the promptness. Rick

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