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Full-size Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars » How many teeth ? » Yesterday 6:05 pm

Our Kate got a swell ride on a flat bed to the tranny shop.  They installed a new flywheel. They also installed
washers as spacers....not having a clue that a rubber wrapped ring was missing.  I ordered one from MAC's
this morning.  Kate also has a new rebuilt generator and a new voltage regulator.

Full-size Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars » Ford 4100 carb problems » Yesterday 6:00 pm

A friend rebuilt a Ford 4-barrel for my 59 Galaxie 352.   He lives 185 miles away.  All for throats dripped until
I tapped on the gas inlet.  The secondaries stopped dripping for a short while.  Now they drip all the time.
It has a vacuum leak whistle on idle too.  If I cup my hand over the secondaries, it dies. Perhaps that's normal?
I have a  fancy car show on Milwaukee's lake front a week from tomorrow.  Should I order a factory rebuilt carb
or should I tinker with this one. 

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